Singular Labs, Inc.

Singular Labs, Inc.

Singular offers the following services:

  • Analytics on a company’s marketing spending and efficacy Source , with the goal of “[acquiring] the highest value users” Source .
  • Tracking and attribution of users, “connecting the install of a mobile app and the user’s activities inside the app to the marketing campaign that led to the installation”. Source “For every install, Singular scans its database for relevant ad interactions (ad clicks and ad views) that originated from the same device […]. […] The goal is to reconstruct the user journey as the first step toward finding the touchpoint that most likely led the user to install the app.” Source Additionally, Singular attributes the following events to the user: ”User sessions (i.e., every time the user opens the app), Revenue events (purchases made through the app), Any other events that are relevant to [the] app, such as sign-ups, tutorial completions, or level-ups.“, as well as app uninstalls Source
  • Mobile ad fraud prevention. Source

Singular boasts with being able to track users across devices, using “advertiser-reported IDs to tie different devices to the same user”. Source They claim: “By implementing an API call to the Singular SDK or server with a user ID, Singular helps you sync up users and devices in such a way that you can recognize customers or users and properly attribute conversions to ad spend and marketing activity, plus assign customers or users to cohorts, regardless of which device or platform they’re using at any given moment.” Source

Additionally, they pull in, aggregate, standardize, and match tracking data from thousands of partner companies in the fields of analytics, attribution, audience measurement, and ad monetization. Source

Tracker adapters

Tracking companies often use serveral endpoints and data formats for the transmitted data. For each combination of endpoints and data formats, we create a distinct adapter which decodes the request and maps it to the data types. For this tracking company, we have the following adapters: