OneSignal, Inc.

OneSignal, Inc.

OneSignal provides SDKs and APIs to help developers “send push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, and emails.” Source

For that, it also offers personalization Source , user segmentation Source , and A/B testing Source features. Developers can “send personalized messages based on real-time user behavior, […] user attributes, events, location, language, and more”. Source Audience cohorts can be synced from various analytics providers. Source

Additionally, OneSignal offers analytics features. Developers can “[c]reate an understanding as to how [their] messaging drives direct, indirect, and unattributed user actions” and “[e]asily quantify which messages are driving sales, engagement, and more”. Source OneSignal advertises with helping developers “know precisely when a device receives a notification”, even if “[u]sers uninstall apps, swap phones, turn off their phones, or are unreachable”. Source Analytics data can be shared with various third-party tracking companies using integrations. Source

Tracker adapters

Tracking companies often use serveral endpoints and data formats for the transmitted data. For each combination of endpoints and data formats, we create a distinct adapter which decodes the request and maps it to the data types. For this tracking company, we have the following adapters: