Branch Metrics, Inc.

Branch Metrics, Inc.

Branch offers the following services:

  • Mobile attribution Source to “[c]apture every customer touchpoint across any channel, platform, OS to optimize […] campaigns and maximize ROI.” Source
  • Ad conversion tracking. Branch can “[r]etarget app users who see a web ad and then purchase in the app, attribute revenue to the web ad that drove the install, and measure cumulative revenue from users across both web and app.” Source
  • Custom audiences to “communicate the perfect message to the ideal customer, at the right moment”. “Get higher return on ad spend (ROAS) with precision retargeting of high-value active users and eliminate wasted spend in your acquisition campaigns by excluding existing customers. Re-engage lapsed users, boost propensity to purchase, and increase sessions per user.” Source
  • Fraud protection. Source

Branch provides integrations to automatically “send Branch data to […] marketing and analytics partners to measure and optimize […] campaigns.” Source

Tracker adapters

Tracking companies often use serveral endpoints and data formats for the transmitted data. For each combination of endpoints and data formats, we create a distinct adapter which decodes the request and maps it to the data types. For this tracking company, we have the following adapters: