Adjust GmbH

Adjust GmbH

Adjust offers the following services:

  • User engagement tracking using events. “You can define in-app events for your app to measure user registrations, add-to-carts, or level ups, while setting up revenue events lets you record in-app purchases and transactions. Set up events to: See where your users go directly after install, Discover the app features your users like the most, Identify the last thing a user does before they become inactive” Source

  • Mobile attribution, in order to “[i]dentify [the] best users and channels”. Source “Adjust’s attribution matches your app users to the source that drove their install. You can use this attribution data to measure campaign performance, run effective retargeting campaigns, optimize your creative assets, and more.” Source Additionally, “Adjust can reattribute dormant users who engage with a new source and then return to [the] app.” Source

    Adjust uses two attribution methods:

    • “Deterministic attribution is Adjust’s main attribution method and involves device matching. We collect a unique identifier from recorded engagements and installs, and if both IDs match, we can attribute that engagement to the install. With a 100% accuracy rate, click-based device matching is the most reliable attribution method. We use deterministic attribution to attribute installs (first app opens) and reattribute (assign new attribution sources to) inactive users. Adjust uses the following identifiers for deterministic attribution: Advertising IDs […], Device IDs […], Adjust reftags […]” Source
    • “Probabilistic modeling […] uses machine learning to support a statistical approach to measurement.” Source
  • Uninstall and reinstall tracking. “When a user installs [the] app, the app is given a unique push token which the Adjust SDK forwards to Adjust’s servers. Silent push notifications are then sent once per day to check if the app is still installed.” Source

  • Audience segmentation to “group users together based on […] criteria”. Source

  • Fraud prevention. “Organic users are captured accurately and not misattributed”. Source

Additionally, Adjust can pull in tracking data from partner companies. Source

Tracker adapters

Tracking companies often use serveral endpoints and data formats for the transmitted data. For each combination of endpoints and data formats, we create a distinct adapter which decodes the request and maps it to the data types. For this tracking company, we have the following adapters: